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MAX OX™ 900 Boiler (900K Btu) is a modern commercial size device for burning of readily available small chunks of waste wood, wood chips, wood briquettes, shavings, sawdust and bark.

The MAX OX™ is an alternative fuel heating solution engineered for the highest levels of efficiency and automation. It burns a wide variety wood based fuels and is available as a boiler or hot air furnace. The MAX OX is equipped with sensors and microprocessors monitoring and automating the high-tech operation. In addition to this cutting edge technology, the MAX OX is built on rock solid construction. MAX OX is pioneering the way to combining technology, quality and biomass combustion.

Max Ox biomass gasification boiler 370 K Btu
MAX OX 900 (900 K Btu)
Fuel Sources
  • Wood chips < 1.5"
  • Briquettes < 2" diameter x 1" length
  • wood shavings
  • Cotton gin byproducts (loose or briquetted)
  • Construction / Demolition waste (C/D) < 1.5"

MAX OX Wood chip gasification boiler - a closer look

Control panel

The control panel contains all of the electronic controls for the MAX OX boiler. The onboard PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with 6" touch screen automates the control of all feed cycles and output processes, while monitoring temperatures through out the unit, freeing the operator from any operating assistance during changing load demands, changing fuel moistures or auger jams. An Oxygen sensor on the exhaust path signals back to the control panel where the information is processed against current temperatures and burn settings to maximizes combustion efficiency. The feed auger, induced draft fan, and circulator pump are all variable motor driven components controlled to ramp up and ramp down as load sensors dictate. This process smoothes the burn cycles creating very tight control of operating temperatures. The control panel of the MAX OX is programmed to monitor and fully protect against boiler over-temp, heat demand overload, auger jam and self corrects to maintain operation.

The wood chip gasifier

gasifier high limit cutoff
Rotating surface burn chamber
The gasification burn chamber is the main component of the MAX OX boiler. All of the fuel is burned in this chamber. The gasification chamber is made up of a heavy line refractory composite with a modulating combustion air fan system that supplies secondary and primary air into the gasifier.

Fuel is pushed up from the center hole via the modulating feed auger. The circular grate rotates allowing for air to easily reach the constantly agitated fuel, thus maximizing burn. As fuel is burnt, ash falls to the floor of the burn chamber and is cycled out with the ash removal auger.

Fuel feed system

senor monitored feed auger
Sensor monitored feed auger
The MAX OX feed system incorporates fundamentally basic elements to keep operation simple, yet is engineered for continuous flawless operation. The modulated 10 amp motor drives an 8 inch auger capable of easily handling 1.5 inch wood briquettes. In the rare event of an auger jam the proximity sensor on the toothed wheel times out therefore causing the auger to reverse and then forward to automatically clear the auger. This procedure will repeat up to 3 times in order to clear the auger jam, after which an alarm will signal for operator intervention. Alarms from the control panel can be configured for beeping, signal light and remote computer alert.

gasifier high limit cutoff
Fuel gate with sensor
The fuel gate opens to except fuel coming from the conveyor system and closes moments after the cycle stops. The fuel gate provides safety as well as minimizes the risk of foreign material entering the fuel input area of the MAX OX. The door is equip with a pneumatic piston connected to an on-board off the shelf air compressor, thus eliminating the need for customer supplied compressed air. The sensor provides the control panel with the gate's status.

Hot Water Boiler

heat exchange exhaust tubes
Heat exchange tubes
As fuel is being burnt in the gasifier, the super heated exhaust is transferred into the boiler section. The boiler is where all the heat exchange takes place. The boiler is water-cooled, water filled, and water-jacketed. Factory configuration is setup to use the boiler as an open system with an expansion tank. Closed system operation can be configured.

The hot air exhaust, after it has cycled through the boiler, will pass through the cyclone to filter out any remaining particulate and finally exit via the chimney as a smokeless exhaust.

Overview for the MAX OX wood boilers

MAX OX 900
  • 900,000 BTU heat output
  • Modulating feed auger
  • Modulating induced draft fan
  • Modulating circulator to protect boiler from thermal shock
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with 6” touch screen control
  • Automatic ash removal - standard
  • Full graphic display on touch screen allowing the user to see what percentages the motors are running at, along with full display of stack temperature, plenum temperature, room temperature set point, and infeed fuel conveyor parameters
  • Small footprint Length - 14' (including metering bin and auger), Width - 5', Height 10'6" (Minimum ceiling height 14’ for purpose of cleaning heat exchange tubes)
  • Combustion chamber is poured refractory to handle the high temperatures
  • Primary and secondary combustion air creating gasification effect which eliminates smoke emissions.
  • Complete unit (fully assembled) can be move with a forklift
  • Easy access to heat exchange tubes for cleaning purposes
  • 1 year warranty on the entire unit including electrical components
  • 1 day start up at the customer’s sight by our technician
  • Made in PA by quality minded people with quality materials at a quality price
  • Measured combustion efficiency @ 83%
  • Mains electrical circuit requirement – 40 amp 240v. single phase Running current at max output - @ 15 amps
  • Rated fuels: wood chips < 1.5”, Briquettes < 2” diameter x 1” length, wood shavings, cotton gin byproducts (loose or briquetted), construction/demolition waste (C/D) < 1.5”
  • Unit control panel includes dry contacts for customer supplied infeed equipment enabling and also for remote alarm enabling (panel mounted alarm and beacon light standard.
  • Unit controls load in 1 of 2 modes: Manual mode – User inputs % of output required and the system runs at required setting Automatic mode – User inputs required setpoint temperature of water in the boiler and the system modulates it’s output to maintain required setpoint.
  • Initial lighting of unit is done manually, once lit – the system ramps to customer mode specification. Turndown ratio BTU/H is approximately 8:1. Customer may purchase an optional remote access feature enabling the unit to be monitored via internet connection to a remote PC.

Industrial | Commercial size biomass boilers

The MAX OX boiler Btu output can reach 900K Btu. If you are looking to build and heat greenhouse structures or poultry housing or need an industrial alternative for heating with sawdust, the MAX OX wood chip gasifier boilers achieve great economic savings. While biomass fuel is readily available, it is important to research the kind of fuel most common in your area. There are a promising tests being performed to verify that the MAX OX can burn other types of fuel making it even more flexible. Contact Total Energy Solutions to see what fuel options are in your area. Make plans to store additional fuel onsite to allow for any drying that is needed as well as to avoid fuel shortages. Storing fuel can be as simple as keeping a 920 wagon onsite. For a more detailed look at common bio-mass fuel types click here.

MAX OX boiler commercial applications

  • Greenhouse gasifier boiler heat - single or multiple green houses
  • Heat Chicken houses
  • Poultry farming
  • Heat Mushroom houses
  • Small Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • School buildings
  • Many other applications for indoor wood boilers and biomass sawdust stoves

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