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Heating with Hot Air?

Generate hot air heat using your own biomass waste. Hot Air furnaces and stoves provide low cost heat for industries, shops, and homes by burning renewable biomass material. Using renewable biomass for fuel not only reduces emissions but boasts a favorable operating cost for both now and the future.
hot air furnace CLM series

Max Ox Wood chip gasification | Hot water Boiler with heat exchanger

Max Ox wood chip boiler
The MAX OX™ is an alternative fuel heating solution engineered for the highest levels of efficiency and automation. It burns a wide variety wood based fuels and is available as a boiler or hot air furnace. The MAX OX is equipped with sensors and microprocessors monitoring and automating the high-tech operation. In addition to this cutting edge technology, the MAX OX is built on rock solid construction. MAX OX is pioneering the way to combining technology, quality and biomass combustion. Converting hot water heat to hot air heat is a simple as utilizing a single or several heat exchangers.

Heat generated is 900KBtu
For more in-depth information click here: Max Ox Hot Water boiler
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