CUBO air mixer

Shown here is a demonstration of air stratification in a poultry house. Once the CUBO units are activated the air mixes quickly and thoroughly.

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The CUBO series air mixers or destratifiers are the perfect solution to retrofit any poultry house, swine barn, green house or commercial building in order to reduce heat loss and maintain a more even temperature throughout the living area. CUBO technology does this by pulling the inaccessible hot air from the ceiling level and directing it in a 360 degree horizontal expulsion just above the floor. This creates a circular flow of air in the room as well as very even temperatures on all surfaces, including floor, walls, ceiling.

The CUBO hot water model is ready to fit into any system using hot water boiler heat and fits perfectly with Total Energy Solutions Max Ox or Blue Flame biomass boilers. The CUBO hot water model not only mixes the air but heats the air with the internal heat exchanger. This model incorporates custom designed anti clog heating coils for maintenance free operation.

The CUBO series offers several other variations in addition to the hot water exchange air mixer. The destratification only model, CUBO-S, can be used with any preexisting heat system or be adapted for cooling. The CUBO-S/G, CUBO-SE/D & CUBO-SE/G models bring all the advantages of the CUBO-S with the addition to heat with fuel oil, Diesel/Biodiesel, natural gas or LP while mixing the air. Now, the full line of Cubo air mixers are available in single phase operation as well as three phase. Contact Total Energy Solutions for more information.

CUBO air mixer - a closer look


poulty house with layers of heat
Stratification in poultry houses, swine barns and green houses can't be seen with the eye but if it could it might look something like this. As the temperature outside drops, the separation of heat inside becomes even more extreme.

The CUBO destratifier is the perfect solution for recovering lost heat costs and maintaining consistent temperatures across the floor. CUBO air mixers bring further benefits, for example:

Brooders verse CUBO - uniform heat distribution

The video shown here (courtesy of CUBO Italy) shows the difference between a chick house using brooders and a chick house using the CUBO (hot water heat exchange) unit. Notice the temperature spike just below the brooder. CUBO has no temperature spike zones and no cool spots as is evidenced by the chicks roaming freely. When birds feel comfortable everywhere in the house, they find water and feed easier, making for healthier birds.
Cubo hot water model
CUBO hot water model

CUBO series specifications

hot air furnace CLM series

Destratifier Cubo S

FUNCTIONS: Heat recovery, air mixer, destratifier, cooling (with fogging kit)

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hot air furnace CLM series

Hot Air Heater Cubo S/G

FUNCTIONS: Gas operated space heater, heat recovery, air mixer, destratifier, cooling (with fogging kit).

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hot air furnace CLM series


FUNCTIONS: Hot water heat exchanger with heat recovery, air mixer, destratifier, cooling (with fogging kit).

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