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Purpose Statement:

Total Energy Solutions LLC exists to provide energy saving technologies to the end consumer by giving excellent sales, service, and installation of quality biomass heating and other alternative energy products.


As the authorized distributor of EKO boilers, Goliath boilers and cast iron boilers FD42 for Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, MaryLand and New Jersey, it is our pleasure to make available a growing line of energy efficient heating and lighting solutions. Current heating solutions include Bixby corn/pellet stoves, EKO line boilers, industrial Goliath boilers and more. We also provide commercial/ industrial lighting retrofitting to meet your professional and financial goals.

Financial Assistance

Total Energy Solutions also recommends that those who need financial assistance pursue the financing options available to them. Links to two financial assistance groups are listed here. For more information on financing options from Access Equipment & Financing LLC visit Access Equipment & Financing LLC or Call 866.892.0315.

Financing through Crest Capitol is available; use this form to get an instant quote.

Equipment Cost:

Energy is one our most precious resources. Here at Total Energy Solutions, we've made it our mission to help you and our environment exists as harmoniously as possible by making available a growing number of alternative, renewable energy solutions.

About us:

Total Energy Solutions LLC was founded in the spring of 2004. It's owners, Matthew J. Aungst and John M. Albright, brought together a common desire to give the local communities energy saving options in regards to heating and lighting systems. Initially the company marketed a line of outdoor wood furnaces. Gradually the company moved into the corn/alternative biomass heating arena. We feel that the biomass industry as a whole is moving toward corn and alternative pellet fuels for several different reasons. Corn is readily available, relatively in-expensive, and renewable in the short term. Grasses and other waste feedstocks are also readily available and quickly renewable. Current technology in most outdoor wood fired units does not allow for adequate future emissions regulations. We currently sell lines of corn/pellet stoves and inserts capable of handling the higher ash producing alternative pellet fuels.

Mr. Aungst and Mr. Albright are both licensed electricians by trade. This knowledge led them to the sales and installations of energy efficient lighting systems. Most common thus far is the retrofitting of existing outdated lighting systems. One thing that makes this technology attractive is the Federal tax credit provisions recently enacted in 2005 by President Bush.

Acceptable payment methods

Total Energy Solutions LLC can accept all major credit cards including VISA, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

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